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I Remember You Season 1 Episode 15

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Lee Min catches Chai Ji-An ransacking Lee Jeong-Yeong’s special room but allows her to leave with some photos of children that he has taken under his wing. Joon-Yeong poses a question to Lee Hyun, “Would you be able to take care of him by yourself?” Kang Eun-Hyuk informs Ji-An of his father’s role in framing her dad. Min Seung-Joo finds out Choi Eun-Bok is one of Joon-Yeong’s kids. He tries to get him to turn himself in for the murder of the Planning Officer Hyun Ji-Soo, Lee Hyun adopted mother. During the apprehension of Eun Bok, Hyun retrieves a fallen weapon which triggers memories of his past that causes him to collapse.

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Nama Episode:Is a Happy Ending Possible?

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