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I Remember You Season 1 Episode 11

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Detective Jang’s missing notebook mysteriously appears at Lee Hyun’s home. Following the clues in the notebook, Ji-An and Lee Hyun arrive at the original home of Lee Joon-Yeong. They discover a casket with the bones of what may be Joon-Yeong’s mother. Park Joo-Ah, one of the family caregivers, comes forward and relates Joon-Yeong’s childhood and the death of everyone else living there. Detective Ji-An’s stalking skills are put to use resolving key issues Lee Hyun is categorizing in his head, and he realizes that every time he visited Korea, he was given a gift box which contained clues left by his brother. Joo Yeong-Jae, a student, is murdered and the adoptive parents’ actions are questioned.

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Nama Episode:Birth of a Monster

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