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I Remember You Season 1 Episode 16

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Lee Hyun remembers his past of killing the murderer of his mom and the meaning behind Lee Min’s cards. Cha Ji-An tells Lee Min to turn himself in because it is wrong to hurt other people and if he doesn’t, he and Hyun will never have a happy ending. Kang Eun-Hyuk interrupts Lee Joon-Yeong choking Ji-An. Later, he tells Ji-An that he likes her. Hyun and Min spend time together to cement the bonding of brotherhood. Joon-Yeong is stabbed by one of his kids and then Min attempts to kill him. Hyun arrives after Min is stabbed but is knockout. Min and Joon-Yeong disappear. After visiting Ji-An three times, Hyun disappears. Choi Eun-Bok confesses to killing the Planning Officer and decides to be a witness against Joon-Yeong.

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