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The Eye Of The Dragon Princess (2020)

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Аnother Pu Songling’s fairytale from classic Liao Zhai collection. Romantic story based on “Dragon Without Eyes” and produced by Dongfang Feiyun. The film is about the daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, Hailanzhu, who comes to earth to spread rain and encounters Lu Haisheng, a magistrate of the Yizhou government, in the Dragon King Temple. Hailanzhu pretended to have amnesia and stayed beside Lu Haisheng to assist in investigating the murder case. In order to get a pair of eyes that won’t decay, the villainous forces are eyeing Longanzhu, and they use a series of tricks to cause a deep misunderstanding between the man and the woman, meanwhile, Yuhe of Lu’s residence is also jealous of Hailanzhu’s arrival, hoping to get rid of her so that she can resume her life and have a chance to be with Lu Haisheng. Will Hailanzhu be able to get her Dragon Eye back? And how will their feelings for each other be broken in the midst of the crisis?

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